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What can I say about my experience with Debt Coach Canada? Simply stated they offer excellent advice that helped me get back on my feet. The tools you provided were easy to use, simple and extremely useful. You as a coach were awesome. You answered my questions in a very timely fashion and always had good advice to give. I can’t say enough good things about the program and would definitely recommend it to others without hesitation. I’m now able to deposit the money that would have gone to my credit card payments into a new savings account for my future.


I would like to take this time to give you some feedback in regard's to the "Excellent Service!", that I have received from Sue Ongaro on your coaching team. Sue's enthusiasm and ability to motivate others is an amazing quality that she possess, including her drive to ensure you understand what she is teaching you. She has also shown compassion and understanding of her clients financial crisis. There is no doubt that she has sound knowledge of her work and resources to tap into. The fact that Sue always made herself available if needed was what actually build my trust in her. There were times that she could have given up on me but she didn't! Sue has been my rock and made me believe again! I am now establishing good credit ratings and getting my life back in order. I would not have made it this far without Sue's help and I thank her from the bottom of my heart! Thank you Sue!!!!


Bill and Deb 
"It wasn't as though we were living the high life," says Bill. "It was just that we knew our lives weren't in order financially. I'd been in the meat business for 25 years and yet I knew if I lost my job, we'd be vulnerable. Then, when Deb had to change jobs, she took a significant pay cut and things got a little tight. We made a commitment right then and there, that we would put ourselves in a position where we would never have to worry about money again." Bill and Deb began to seek out financial advisors to help them formulate a plan and  learned of the team behind Debt Coach. "It literally changed the course of our lives" said Deb. "We got involved, and everything just seems to be coming up roses. Our coach had us write down our personal Financial Goals. That was the key having a clear, concise plan right there in front of us and someone to help us get there. Before Debt Coach Canada we probably would have refinished the kitchen or taken a vacation. Now, we're out of debt. We've paid off everything but our mortgage and we're well on our way to paying off that too."

Richard and Rosa

"Let me be candid. We were in financial trouble." said Richard. Richard, 52 and his wife Rosa, 48 both have advanced university degrees and have worked hard every day since they were teenagers. But nowhere in all of their undergraduate or advanced education did they attend classes on how to deal with money. "I guess we were supposed to pick that up by osmosis or something. Or by trial and error." said Richard. "We've accumulated some assets, but our debt structure diminishes them greatly. Our payments to mortgages and two car payments, other loans, and credit cards left us with too much month at the end of the money."

Then Richard and Roz requested an initial consultation from the team at Debt Coach Canada  "What was shown to us was so impressive, we enrolled in a membership and we have never had a moment's regret" said Roz. "The coaching is simply incredible! Our coach is fantastic! Bright, charming, knowledgeable and a wonderful presenter of the information and the strategies. We are grateful every day that he came into our lives in this way. Coaching is so essential to the program. We've had access to assistance on many financial topics and we recommend this program without qualification. We will be completely debt free in 9 years, including our mortgage! We're now working as a team: talking about money and financial expenses, making choices together, and feeling less stressed because we have a plan. We are eternally grateful."

Brett and Claudia

Brett and Claudia were frustrated and at their wits end. Their growing family had needs and the immediate money to fulfill those needs was lacking. "We'd give into the temptation to use credit cards knowing we would have to pay it off later" said Claudia. Then we'd feel the urgency to pay off those debts and put large chunks of money to pay them off. That would leave us with no money again and the cycle would start all over again. It seemed like the more I paid off the credit cards, the more needs would arise. This caused so much stress in our marriage, I wondered how we made it through it all."
Finally, after being introduced to Debt Coach Canada., Brett and Claudia decided to enroll in our Financial Fitness program. "The message we heard seemed almost too good to be true." said Brett. "I'll admit, I wasn't sure I believed it. But my desire to live a different type of financial life overrode my reservations about the cost of the program and we went ahead with it."
After two years, we'd paid off over $20,000 in credit card debt. It feels wonderful!" "Before we learned of Debt Coach Canada, I thought like a typical worker bee, always working hard, but never truly understanding what money could do to provide the enrichment and freedom I always wanted." said Brett. "Today, we are greatly anticipating the day when no more of our resources are needed to pay off debt, but can go instead to pay us. That is our goal and we will settle for nothing less."

Joan S.

Joan hesitated on two occasions before finally deciding to purchase a Debt Coach membership. "Big mistake." she says. "I was exposed to the team behind Debt Coach about 2 years ago and thought  I don't need help. I can do this on my own. And I certainly don't need to spend that kind of money on such a program." But then Joan was exposed to the program again in the Spring of 2008 and decided to go for it. It changed her life forever ."When I started this program I had a negative cash flow situation with over 18 consumer debts. I was totally embarrassed about my financial situation. I had made so many mistakes, I was just a short distance from a catastrophic financial downfall. I had absolutely no hope of reaching retirement with any sort of reserve and thought I'd be still needing a job at 70 to survive."
"But once I started working with my coach, I began to learn about myself. I learned about my fears and what holds me back. I was able to overcome challenges and turn my negative cash flow around in 2 months. I'm on track to be totally out of debt in 5 years and have now decided to accelerate that with a second  source of income. My net worth is climbing monthly and I've learned financial principles that will help me for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful I didn't wait any longer. My advice to anyone considering this program is to start today!"

Arthur and Louise

Arthur doesn't think much about the future. He tends to procrastinate when it comes to paying bills. When he worries about money, he goes into avoidance mode, and waits till a crisis before he takes action. He spends spontaneously, almost unconsciously. He buys good quality items and doesn't like to "scrimp." He's also generous with picking up the tab. He's comfortable with high-risk investments and puts his trust in windfalls.
Louise is a planner. She's very organized with money and actually enjoys balancing her chequebook. She's very aware of what things cost and doesn't get much pleasure from shopping. She has an aversion to wasting money and hates throwing things out. She'll go out of her way to avoid bank machines if she has to pay an extra fee. She pays all her bills on time to avoid paying interest. She carefully weighs financial risks and prefers a slow-and-steady approach to investing.

When they met five years ago, Arthur owed a large tax payment and had other debts. He was worried sick about it, but didn't know how to deal with it, so he avoided the problem. Louise, who shuns debt like the plague, had trouble understanding how Arthur got himself into the financial mess. The tensions between them eventually caused them to break up.  
This couple's story is exceedingly common. In a 2007 Decima research poll, almost half the couples surveyed reported that financial disagreements, especially over spending, had affected their relationships. But spendthrifts and scrimpers can live in harmony by following this advice...
-Talk about money before a crisis strikes. With professional help couples often are able to find that money tends to remain taboo until a trigger event occurs - one spouse sees a huge credit card charge or learns of a debt. By then, you're angry and disappointed, so communication is not helpful, it's an attack. . Having a neutral third person assist you can help defuse rancour.  
-Develop a budget together. Both spouses should have a set amount to spend that's completely at their discretion, no interference allowed. Separate bank accounts can help. And "stage" bigger spending,  perhaps taking turns - as long as you know when your turn will come.  
-Mind the stereotypes. Women tend to be more security-conscious and worried about the future, while men have greater financial confidence. They feel they can always go out and slay another dragon. And while women may overspend on shoes and clothes, men splurge on big ticket items like TVs and cars that cut deeper into household budgets.  
-Set common financial goals. Going through this process can be an eye-opener for both people. Often people overspend because they don't have a reason not to. And having a common financial plan means both spouses need to contribute. By determining minimums that each person must put in and holds the spender a little more accountable.  It puts the responsibility on that person if the couple falls behind on their plan.

Arthur and Louise's story has a happy ending. After a few months apart, they decided to try again - this time with the help of one of a Debt Coach Canada team member. Louise wanted a concrete action plan to get Arthur out of debt, and for him to follow through. Arthur needed to know he wasn't too constrained financially so he could build a business.

With our assistance they reviewed their income and expenses and figured out how much they needed to live on, helping to relieve Louise's anxiety. They now each have separate "spending accounts" and Louise doesn't question how Arthur spends that money while also feeling reassured that his spending won't jeopardize their future.With our help over two years Arthur paid off his debt. The couple recently got  married and plan to buy a home this year. They haven't had a fight about money in over two years.  
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