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Have you ever wondered why you can’t get your debt completely under control?  Do you ever find yourself thinking that you’re missing important information that would make your finances come together and finally make sense but don’t know where to find it?

You’re not alone! Thousands of Canadians feel hopelessly confused about how to manage their money or how the credit system works.  That’s because they have never been taught the way to truly master their finances.  It isn’t taught in schools or at home, and it certainly isn’t shared by the gurus on Bay Street.

To get to the heart of those problems, you need a coach.  Athletes, top executives, and Hollywood stars all use coaches to help them perform at their absolute best. A coach can help you discover what your strengths and weaknesses are and give you the perspective you need to put all the pieces of your financial puzzle together so it makes sense to you.

Secret to Piecing the Puzzle Together

There are many financial advisers,and experts out there who are willing to share pieces of that puzzle. But unfortunately, many do not understand how to put all the pieces together so it makes sense, or to use another analogy, they do not know the proper “recipe” for true financial mastery.
Some advisers provide all the ingredients for this recipe but don’t tell you in which order to “bake” them. Others know the order, but don’t know how much of one particular ingredient to include.
That's why we have created our unique Premium membership  and Credit Builder Plus (tm) programs.

At Debt Coach Canada we ARE different!
Our coaches are not biased by dollars earned from selling products but ruly motivated by a desire to teach you the correct principles that will allow you to   take the emotional confusion and frustration out of your financial decisions, empower you to make lasting and significant changes and help you make your money work for you so you can achieve your goals sooner! You can read some comments here from members who we have helped achieve their goals sooner.



To learn how we may best assist you please complete the form below so we can arrange a covenient time to speak by phone. We look forward to helping you get on the path to achieving your goals -saving you time and money!