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Debt, on its own, can be an overwhelming burden. Climbing out from under it – or moving past the negative effects it’s had on your credit score – can bring on a whole new set of anxieties.

If you’ve decided that now is the time to remove that heavy weight from your shoulders, you may have noticed that there are a lot of debt solution providers out there that are eager and willing to help you. The trouble is, many of them are more interested in pushing their own financial products – or charging for services that aren’t guaranteed to help you get ahead – rather than assisting you in your journey toward debt freedom.

That's how Debt Coach Canada is different! We offer unbiased advice and personalized solutions to fit your needs!

Our experienced team provides you with the support you need to successfully manage, overcome and move past your debt and it's effects on your financial future. While we can’t promise an easy ride, if you’re willing to put in the work, we will help you achieve the debt-free life you’ve always wanted – and a credit score you can be proud of.

Who we are
Each member of the Debt Coach Canada coaching team were formerly employed in management positions in banking and mortgage lending and bring many years of valuable experience to assist our members. To help us achieve our objectives, we also draw upon the expertise of our Advisory Board members including accounting, insolvency and legal professionals who have many years of related experience in their respective fields.


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